Lee Monroe

creative director

Lee earned a degree in art and political science from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. Following graduation, she decided to focus her studies on graphic design at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta where she honed her skills in print design and packaging. She has worked for studios in Washington, DC and Wilmington, before launching Kern & Ink Design. Lee believes that without a concept, design is just decorating. Infused with a passion for typography and color, she has developed many national brands in all types of fields, from luxury goods to universities to real estate. Because of her concern for social issues, Lee has also used her clean and simple aesthetic to further the work of non-profits. Her keen attention to detail can be seen throughout her design and in her management of projects. Through her bold style, she works to always deliver you with a smart message. Along with a team of writers and developers, Lee looks forward to enhancing your business image with you.