Why Kern?

kern [kurn] –verb
(used with object) to remove a portion of space between (adjacent letters) in preparation for printing

Kerning is the art of positioning each letter to the right location aesthetically. It isn't required, but definitely shows a dedication to focusing on each detail.

Why Ink?

With the wide range of different papers and materials available and the even wider range of ways to score, cut and fold that paper, print design is still a vital part of your brand. We might use a paper with viable seeds to promote your landscaping business or find a great textured sheet and print letterpress, paper selection and printing techniques will shape your brand.

Why Kern & Ink?

Strategy & Design. Whether working on a website revamp, a new marketing kit or a business card design, each project is an opportunity to grow your brand. Kern & Ink works with a wide range of clients—each with their own goals—and we tailor our skills to your needs. We pay attention to the small details, so the big picture is a success.